KoDATA DB, the basis of corporate credit infrastructure, is built up from diverse sources including DB pooling, credit investigation by KoDATA professionals, and KoDATA’s distinctive short-term default information.

database map - Building the Largest Corporate DB in Korea - Corporate Credit :  Short-term Default DB :  KoDATA’s own short-term financial default information. korea Federation of Banks DB : Corporate & Individual default information, and financial loan information. Credit Evalution - Corporate Credit Rating DB : Corporate Credit Rating by advanced evalution model developed in cooperation with S&P. Company Profiles - DB Pooling : Corporate information pooled and inputed from KoDATA shareholders and financial institutions. Credit Investigation DB : Highly-reliable corporate information based on actual inspection. Updated Corporate DB : Collected by KoDATA for start-up companies, corporate register information, lawsuit, and business closure etc. Overseas Investigation DB : Foreign companies’ information through global network of Credit Alliance

Profile - Company Overview : name,business reg. no., Corporate(resident) reg. no., company size, company class, business class, address, phone & fax no., no. of employees, etc. Important Financial Info : closing date, total asset, paid-in capital, total stockholders equity, sales amount, current net income, etc. CEO Info - CEO Info, name, address, residence info, work experience, education, stocks owned, hobby, religion, certificates, etc. Management Info : name, length of service, active or inactive, stocks owned, etc. Current Status - Current Status : history, affiliated companies, investors, stock related info, employees  major suppliers / clients debt collateral, etc. Workplace Info : address, main facilities, production method, etc. Business(sales) Stat-us : goals, sales per good, contract & order, construction results, license & constructing ability, intellectual property, etc. Financial Info - Financial Statement : B/S, I/S, statement of appropriation of R/E, schedule of the cost of goods manufactured, cash flow statement, consolidated F/S, etc. Financial Ratio : profitability, stability, activity, growth, C/F related financial ratios, etc. Financial Analysis : cash flow analysis, cash analysis, cost analysis, borrowed money analysis, EVA analysis & etc. Ratings & Credit Info - Overall Credit Rating : corporate rating, date of assessment, rating class & etc. External credit ratings From (by Rating Agencies) : KIS, NICE, KR. Summary : Credit Information, suspension info on current account transaction, court receivership info, composition info. Additional Info - Newly Incorporated Company Info : overview, management, Business goals, etc. any related : contents (issue) covered in media.


  Collected Information Collection Method Update Frequency
EXCLUSIVE for KoDATA a. Data from KoDATA’s Shareholders 
b. Business Information Council
- SHORT-TERM delinquency data (from 10 to 89 days overdue) of bank borrowings and credit card bills
* It was established on KoDATA’s initiative. As a lead manager and organizer of this association, KoDATA enables gathering and sharing of SHORT-TERM delinquency data.
Data Sync. On a DAILY basis
National Tax Service - Registered Status
* only “Status Check of VAT NO.” is available Accurate VAT no. should be typed in and the result only shows a business’s registered status or (if closed) closed date.
* Other than this, the National Tax Service does not share any relevant information with other 3rd parties.
Korean Supreme Court - Registry of Real-estate
(ownership, collateral, seizure, etc.,)
- Registry of Corporations
(name, address, paid-in capital, CEO & managers, branches, establishment date, merger and acquisition, reorganization proceedings, liquidation, dissolution)
* electrical monitoring of any changes in registration information
Korea Credit Information Services - Delinquency data of bank borrowing, credit card bill, promissory note, fine, tax, employment insurance, and occupational health and safety insurance premiums, etc.,
On-demand Evaluation - Government Procurement
- Customers’ and Suppliers’ credit standing
- Technology & Credit Evaluation
Subject companies’ cooperation -
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