Real-time online report based on KoDATA’s up-to-date database
- You can access the largest database of Korean companies immediately.
- Daily update of statutory, financial and credit data ensures the freshest information.

REAL-TIME REPORT - Report Type, Contents, Price, Sample
Report Type Contents Price Sample
Credit Check Report - Company Profile
- Credit Information
US $20
Company Profile + F/S Full DB(EXCEL) - Company Profile
- Recent 4-yeat F/S full DB(EXCEL)
US $50
Compact Report [Credit check Report] +
-Major Shareholders
-Financial Highlight
US $50
Business Information Report(BIR) [Compact Report] +
-Report Highlight
-Company Picture
-Affiliated Companies
-President & CEO / Management
-Major Business
-Sales Trend / Suppliers & Customers
-Financial Information
US $80

Notes : Some may not be available depending on company's size, type, disclosure and etc.

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