KoDATA is the one and only business & credit information provider which has 11 branches all across South Korea. KoDATA has the most competent and specialized experts in the market, which ensures the most accurate credit-evaluation.

The presence of branches enables SITE-INVESTIGATION. As KoDATA makes it a rule to visit subject companies when they cannot be contacted, KoDATA’s U-T-L reports (unable-to-locate cases: reports without “Information Supplier Reference”) show the true existence of them.

Its SITE-INVESTIGATION greatly reduces the number of U-T-L cases. Thanks to SITE-INVESTIGATION KoDATA has the lowest U-T-L ratio which was 2.65% in 2014.

korea branch map-Seoul Middle Branch, Seoul East Branch, Incheon Branch, Gyeonggi Branch, Daejeon Branch, Daegu Branch, Jeonju Sub-branch, Gwangju Branch, Changwon Sub-branch, Busan Branch
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