Company Profile

  • Company Name(Eng.) TAESEONG HEAVY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. Company Status Active
  • Company Name(Kor.) 태성중기
  • Address (Lot No. Address) ****Sinan-dong, Jinju-si, Gyeongnam
  • Address (Road Name Address) **Namgang-ro, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Corporate Reg. No. Business Reg. No. 613- 08-*****
  • President & CEO(Eng.) Choi, Hyun-sil President & CEO(Kor.) 최현실
  • Legal Form Proprietor Line of Business Renting of construction machinery and equipment with operator
  • Fiscal Year-end 2013-12-31 / 2012-12-31 Date of Rating 2015-01-15

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Credit Check 2013-12-31 English 20
Compact Report 2013-12-31 English 50
Business Information Report(BIR) 2013-12-31 English 80
Company Profile + F/S 2013-12-31 English 50
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Business Information Report(Normal) 2013-12-31 English 110
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