Evaluated reports

Evaluated report is a credit report that has been investigated by our credit expert investigator within one year. The information on the Evaluated Report is more accurate, reliable and up-to-date than our Real-time database report. No need to wait for the requested entity to be evaluated. Just a click and you will receive a well-formed credit report.

Advantage of using Evaluated Report
 - Lead time: Prompt
 - Investigation-based report
 - Ratings granted within a year by expert credit investigators

REAL-TIME REPORT - Report Type, Contents, Price, Sample
Report Type Contents Price Sample
Evaluated Investigation - Company Profile
- Credit Information
- Credit Rating
- Location
- Major Shareholders
- Company Picture
- Affiliated Companies
- President & CEO / Management
- Sales Trend / Suppliers & Customers
- Financial Information
- History
- Company Overview
US $80

Notes : Some information may vary due to the differences on the date of investigation and the date of changes.

Search : Enter the key information in the search box. Ex. Company name, CEO Name, Business Reg. No., Corporate No. , Select : Choose the company and the product type Types of Reports Real Time Reports Evaluated Reports Fresh Investigation Reports, Order and Pay : Place an order and make the payment Credit card payment available. , Download : Go to “Your Account” and download the ordered report. The report is also sent to your email address entered.
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